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Κλασικό Χαλί Khal Mohammadi 241x305cm (03416)

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Khal Mohammadi are handknotted by Turkmenians in northern Afghanistan and in some cases they can also be handknotted in Pakistan by the Turkomans who have crossed over the borders. Traditionally they have an elephant foot pattern and the Afghan carpet is famous for their beautiful red nuance. The carpet is very durable, with the best quality from Afghanistan. A beautiful carpet well worth its price.

Khal Mohammadi rugs are famous for their warm, dark colors. The patterns on these high-end handmade rugs are usually repetitive, using dark red, brown, blue and black colors. This rug quality can find its place in modern, but also in traditional spaces. Its touch is surprisingly soft as a result of the fine wool used and the low-pile cutting. Its personality is quite powerful when placed in any space, demanding that any observer will take a minute to examine and admire this fine piece or art.


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